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Are you ready to go back to Ancient Rome? Don’t worry, no togas required with this exceptional tour of Rome’s most famous places. Imagine the gladiators dueling to the death when you stand in the arena of the 2,000-year-old Colosseum, the largest ancient amphitheater ever constructed and still the largest amphitheater in the world. Still! Feel what it might have been like to be amidst the whirl and bustle of the Roman Forum, a huge plaza that was the center of life in Rome for hundreds of years. It was once called the most celebrated meeting place in the entire world. And you will be there. And when you’re done taking it all in, head to Palatine Hill, the most important of Rome’s seven hills, in part because it was Ancient Rome’s high rent district. It was the place where the rich and famous lived. And if you’re thirsting for more antiquity, jump on the 24-hour sightseeing bus tour that comes with this ticket. When you book this experience you will:

  • Go way, way back in time when you relive the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill and the Colosseum
  • And do it all with the convenience of digital tickets on your mobile phone
  • Then if you’re up for it, get on the 24-hour sightseeing bus and see more of Rome than you probably have seen of your own home town
  • Dive into Roman history with a 25-minute multimedia video
  • Oh, and get priority entry at each attraction. Pretty great, right?

What’s included

  • Tickets for the Coliseum
  • Tickets for the Roman Forum
  • Tickets for the Palatine Hill
  • 24-hour tourist bus ticket
  • Guide
  • Headphones
  • Access to the fourth and fifth floors of the Coliseum, the Underground and the Arena

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Step by Step

These tickets will open the doors to the three must-see attractions of the Eternal City: the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill and the Colosseum. Plus, you'll be able to continue exploring the city thanks to the 24-hour ticket for the sightseeing bus.

Remember, the time you select when booking is for your check-in at the provider's office. You'll start your visit there before heading to the Roman Forum. First, you'll visit the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, then, about two hours later, the Colosseum. You'll have 24 hours from that point to complete your experience.

Here are some more details on the three monuments:

  • The Colosseum - declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, it is a wonder of the ancient world and an undisputed symbol of the Roman Empire. Its official name is the Flavian Amphitheatre and it was the favourite stage for gladiatorial fights, executions and recreations of land and naval battles. Construction began during the reign of Vespasian in 72 AD.
  • The Roman Forum - It was the nerve centre of ancient Rome, hosting markets, political rallies and military parades. The emperors competed over the centuries to embellish it, which is why today we can admire monuments including the Arch of Titus and the Temple of Janus. The Roman Forum is considered one of the most important archaeological attractions in the world.
  • Palatine Hill - According to legend, Rome was born here. Romulus decided to erect a new city on this hill, which was later also chosen by Emperor Augustus to establish his main residence. Its main attraction is the Temple of Apollo Palatine, built in 28 BC. Today only its structure remains, but it was once decorated with white marble and doors covered with gold and ivory.

You'll need to choose a date and time when making your reservation. Remember, that day and time are for entry to the Roman Forum, your first stop in what is probably the most spectacular Archaeological Zone in the world. Before that, it will be very informative to watch the included 25-minute multimedia video that shows what everything looked like during the Roman Empire.

Allocate about two hours to visit these two sites. That should be enough because the highlight of the day awaits you: the Colosseum. Ready to feel like a gladiator? Many other travelers will likely have the same idea, and it might be crowded, but we assure you it will be worth it.

This combo ticket is accompanied by a 24-hour ticket for the Rome sightseeing bus. You'll be able to hop on and off during the validity of the ticket at more than 15 stops around the city. You'll have an audio guide while you are on board to know all the details of what you are seeing from your seat.


· 12031 Reviews
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    Great activity!
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    I didn't have a very nice day but the tour of the coliseum and the rest was very good.
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    To think that I was in the Colosseum was like something out of a movie for me. The architecture is incredible, to think that to this day it still stands despite being in ruins is amazing. The basis of the history and a large part of the culture of Rome.
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