New York Baseball Games: Tickets and Best Prices

Want to enjoy one of the most popular American sports on your visit to New York? Here are all the details on how to buy tickets for MLB baseball games, Yankees or any other team.

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Isabel Catalán

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New York Baseball Games: Tickets and Best Prices

Yankee Stadium | ©Hellotickets

One of the most fascinating experiences you can have in the United States is to go to an MLB game. Whether it's because you love baseball or because you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the sport in New York, it's definitely something you have to experience during your trip.

The most famous baseball teams in New York are the Yankees, whose home stadium is Yankee Stadium, and the Mets, whose home stadium is Citi Field. They are unsurprisingly rival teams and both compete in MLB (Major League Baseball) which runs from the beginning of April until October. However, despite competing in the same league (MLB), the Yankees play in the AL (American League) and the Mets in the NL (National League). Read on to find out more about both teams.

The favourites

New York Yankees Tickets

Get the best MLB tickets

Don't miss out on the great atmosphere of a baseball game in New York and buy your tickets in advance to see the city's great team, the New York Yankees.

It is the most legendary team in New York with the most titles won in the four major professional leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL). The New York Yankees were founded in 1901 and have won 27 World Series out of the 40 they have played. They belong to the American League's Eastern Division and play at the legendary Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

Recommended if... you want to play it safe and feel the excitement of a game of New York's premier baseball team.

The great rival

New York Mets Tickets

The best baseball games in NYC, just a click away

The Mets are New York's other big MLB team and another safe bet to watch as the big hitters score their best points.

The city's other major team is the New York Mets. They were founded in 1962 and have won 2 World Series to date, although they almost won another in 2015. They are also part of the Eastern Division of the National League and play at Citi Field in Queens.

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Where to buy MLB tickets in New York?

Yankee Stadium| ©Dan Gold
Yankee Stadium| ©Dan Gold

MLB has a lot of games, in fact teams play every few days and even every day for weeks at a time. So baseball tickets are usually easy to get, especially compared to NBA tickets. To buy baseball tickets you have two options:

Buy tickets online and in advance for baseball games in NYC

If you want to include a baseball game in your New York getaway, I recommend you buy MLB tickets online before you travel.

  • The demand to go to a baseball game in New York is high so it's normal for tickets to sell out quickly. The key is to buy them sooner rather than later to get the best seat at the cheapest price.
  • The American ticket market is dynamic, which means that prices go up as the date of the game approaches and supply decreases (just like flights, for example). If you wait too long, you run the risk of running out of tickets or having few tickets available at a high price and in sectors with less spectacular visibility.
  • In addition, by booking online you can choose your own seat in the stadium. In my opinion, this is the easiest, safest and quickest option.

Buying MLB tickets at the stadium box office

In my experience, I don't think this is the best option. There are several reasons, here's why:

  • Buying baseball tickets at the box office means that you will have to buy them when you arrive in New York, so you will have to adapt to the opening hours of the ticket window, travel to the stadium and wait in a very long queue to buy them.
  • This means you will waste precious time on your trip to New York when you could be taking a city tour or shopping in the Big Apple instead of waiting in line at the gates of a stadium.
  • Getting your baseball tickets at the box office will be months later than when you could have bought them at home. So there will be far fewer options left and perhaps at an exorbitant price. Or they will be sold out due to the high demand that MLB has.

Beware of resale

If I have to give you one last piece of advice when it comes to buying your baseball tickets, it is to be wary of scalpers. You are likely to end up paying an inflated price for tickets that have poor visibility or, in the worst case scenario, are not authentic and will not allow you access to the game.

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How much do MLB tickets cost in New York?

The bleachers at Yankee Stadium| ©Dan Gold
The bleachers at Yankee Stadium| ©Dan Gold

The price of New York Yankees or New York Mets baseball tickets depends on the opposing team and the day of the week the game is played as well as how close you are to the field and the pitcher. Prices range from $20 at the top of the stadium to $500 in a VIP area. On average, set aside about $80 to get good tickets to enjoy the show.

Remember that prices vary from game to game and tend to increase as the date of the game approaches. For this reason, if you want to see a baseball game during your trip to New York, it is best to buy your tickets in advance.

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How to save on tickets to NYC baseball games?

Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium

The first tips I can give you to save money when buying MLB tickets are the ones you can probably imagine: buy your tickets in advance and choose a team or a game that is not among the most important of the season. The third tip is, of course, to choose your seat at the stadium wisely.

Which seat to choose in the stadium?

When choosing a seat in the stadium, the idea is to strike a balance between a good seat and your budget. The cheapest tickets correspond to the highest and furthest seats, while the lower the seats, the higher the price.

However, when you buy baseball tickets online you will see a picture of the exact view from each seat so you know what to expect from each seat.

In short, the price of MLB tickets depends on how close you are to the field. As you get further away from the field, the price goes down.

Is it worth buying the more expensive tickets?

It depends on how much of a baseball fan you are. If you're just going to a game to experience the atmosphere and have a good time, perhaps a ticket in any section of the stadium, more or less close to the pitcher, will give you the same enjoyment even if you're watching the game from afar.

If, on the other hand, you're really interested in baseball and want to see the plays and players up close, then my advice is to invest a little more money in getting good seats - the experience is worth it!

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How much do New York Yankees tickets cost?

Aerial view of the stadium
Aerial view of the stadium

Although you can find cheaper tickets if you sit in an area away from Yankee Stadium, the average price to pay for a baseball game at Yankee Stadium is between $35 and $90. Investing this amount will ensure you get good seats with a visibility that allows you to enjoy the game.

What is the best seat at Yankee Stadium?

Always try to choose a row that is as low as possible and as close to first base as possible, as this is where 80% of the points will be scored. The best seats are between sections 14 and 18 of each row, as they belong to the home team and are close to home plate.

At this stadium, however, you can watch the games from almost anywhere, so if your goal is just to enjoy the experience you can find cheap tickets in section 400.

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How much do New York Mets tickets cost?

Aerial view of the stadium
Aerial view of the stadium

Investing between $20 and $80 will get you a good seat at the New York Mets' Citi Field stadium. If you also choose a week day to go to the game, the ticket will probably be cheaper than if you go on a Saturday or Sunday (although it will always depend on the Mets' opponent and the point in the season at which the game in question takes place).

Where is the best seat at Citi Field Mets Stadium?

The Mets stadium has 5 large sections (100, 200, 300, 400 and 500) divided into different subsections. The closer you are to the 100 section, the closer you will be to the field and the better you will see the game. If you are also located in the base area, you will be able to enjoy even better most of the plays that take place during the game.

The best seats are between zones 111 and 128, but they will also be the most expensive; a mid-range option might be zones 310 to 330, where you'll have good visibility without sacrificing your New York trip budget.

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What is the MLB season like and how long does it last?

MLB Balls| ©Lesly Juárez
MLB Balls| ©Lesly Juárez

MLB (Major League Baseball) is made up of 30 teams playing in the American League (AL) and National League (NL), with 15 teams in each league. Interestingly, although they compete in the same league, the Yankees and Mets belong to different MLB divisions, the former playing in the American League (AL) and the latter in the National League (NL).

Each season the teams play 162 games and five teams from each league qualify for a four-team post-season championship, which ends with the World Series, a seven-game championship series between the winner of each league that has been held since 1903.

Pre-season (February - March)

During the pre-season, friendly series tours take place between February and March to prepare teams and get fans excited for the start of the new season.

Buying baseball tickets for pre-season games is usually cheaper, although the quality of the games is lower, as teams often reserve their stars and are in the middle of their training camp.

Regular Season (April - early October)

This is played from April to early October with a 162-game schedule. During these months you can see the Yankees or the Mets play in their respective stadiums.

In the Regular Season there are two dates of great importance:

  • Traditional Open Day: Held in early April. All 30 MLB teams play on this day, which is the opening day of the season.
  • MLB All Star: This takes place in mid-July. This is an annual baseball game between the best players of the National League and the American League.

The Playoffs (October)

The Playoffs or playoffs begin in October. The winners of each division - East, Central and West - qualify for the playoffs. These teams are defined as the teams with the most wins over the course of the season. The champions of each division earn a direct berth to the Divisional Series and the two wildcard teams that qualify play each other in the Wild Card Game.

The winners of the Divisional Series then qualify for the Championship Series. In these semi-finals, the two best teams from each league, the American League and the National League, meet.

At this stage of the competition, only the best teams are left standing and they play each other in the playoffs. The games become even more exciting and the price of baseball tickets for the Playoffs goes up, but the spectacle is absolutely worth it.

MLB World Series (late October - early November)

Once the winners of each league are known comes one of the most anticipated moments for MLB fans, the World Series. The whole country comes to a standstill to watch one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

In the World Series, the American League champion and the National League champion face off in a best-of-seven game series. This championship takes place between late October and early November.

Naturally, baseball tickets for the World Series are the most expensive of the entire MLB season, but this is the game of games. The grand finale!

  • What are the six baseball teams with the most World Series titles: NY Yankees with 27, St. Louis with 11, Oakland with 9, Boston with 9, San Francisco with 8 and LA Dodgers with 6.

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How long is an MLB game?

Facade of Yankee Stadium
Facade of Yankee Stadium

Baseball games are long. They can last from 3 to 4 hours and most of the game is quiet, but suddenly there are some thrilling plays that get the fans going.

With this length, do the matches become boring? It depends on how much of a baseball fan you are. If you like it a lot, you'll enjoy it because you'll understand the plays, and if you're not a baseball expert, you're sure to enjoy it too, as the atmosphere is lively and it's easy to get into the swing of things.

You can take selfies, make videos of the event and comment on the plays while you eat some tacos or hot dogs. In my experience, baseball is entertaining and you'll spend a day doing something different during your trip - it's worth it!

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Game day tips

Yankee Stadium| ©Lyle Hastie
Yankee Stadium| ©Lyle Hastie

When to go to the stadium?

MLB days in New York have a special atmosphere. You can feel it in the air and the streets are busier than usual in the Big Apple. My advice is not to arrive too early, but at least an hour beforehand to go to the team shop, find your seats or buy a snack. You will see how the stadium fills up little by little and how it roars when the players take the field.

  • How to get to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. The easiest way to get to Yankee Stadium is by underground. Specifically, the 161st stop (line 4) will drop you off next to the stadium. You have all the information on how to use the New York underground in this article, but don't worry, you can't get lost.
  • How to get to the Mets stadium in Queens. The 7 underground line has a stop right in front of Citi Field (Mets-Willets Point Station), which will be the fastest option considering that if you're staying in Manhattan, a taxi across the bridge to Queens will be very expensive.

Is it possible to eat inside the stadium?

Inside the stadium there are plenty of food and drink stands where you can buy something to eat while watching the game (hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, chips, fries...) although the prices can be a bit higher than outside.

  • However, fans can bring snacks into Yankee Stadium for their own consumption. Whole fruit such as apples or oranges must be cut into slices or sections. Plastic water bottles of one litre or less are also permitted as long as they are factory sealed.
  • Citi Field is accessible with factory-sealed plastic water bottles of 0.59 litres or less. Fans may also bring a juice box for children that is sealed and has soft sides. Both products must not be frozen.

Is it possible to bring backpacks or cameras?

  • According to Yankee Stadium policy, backpacks or bags larger than 40.64 cm x 40.64 cm x 20.32 cm may not be brought into the stadium. Hard bags are not allowed in the stadium. Neither are video cameras or other equipment designed for the sole purpose of recording video and/or audio, nor selfie sticks, tripods or other professional camera equipment.
  • Regarding Citi Field, the Citi Field policy states that for security reasons backpacks are prohibited inside the venue. However, handbags, tote bags, nappy bags or small coolers that do not exceed 40.64 cm x 40.64 cm x 20.32 cm are permitted. Fully transparent backpacks without hidden inner pockets are also permitted.

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Useful information for watching MLB

Tickets to Yankee Stadium| ©Lyle Hastie
Tickets to Yankee Stadium| ©Lyle Hastie

When should I choose to watch a baseball game in New York?

Between April and October there are baseball games in New York almost every day. If you're travelling to New York in the summer, between May and September, catching an afternoon game might be a good plan. In any case, check your favourite team's schedule to decide the best time to enjoy this experience and remember that games tend to be a bit more expensive on weekends.

Do children pay admission?

MLB is very much a family show, so it is common to see parents bringing their children to games. On the question of whether children pay admission to baseball, the truth is that it depends on the team.

  • For example, the New York Yankees ' admission policy for children says that any child who is 3 years old or younger and less than 30″ (76 cm) tall does not need a ticket but must sit on an adult's lap during the game so as not to block the view of other spectators.
  • For their part, the New York Mets state in their access policy that children who are 32" (81 cm) or taller will need their own ticket. Children under 32" can get in for free but must sit on an adult's lap during the event.

In what format will I receive my tickets?

Yankees and Mets tickets are mobile tickets so to access the event they must be displayed on your mobile phone and do not need to be printed out. Your phone is your ticket!

I don't have an internet connection in New York! How do I access the tickets?

If you don't have an internet connection during your trip to New York, you can always use the internet connection at the flat or hotel where you are staying and open your tickets there so that they are ready on your phone when you arrive at the stadium. You can also go to any public establishment such as a restaurant or coffee shop near the stadium as they have free WiFi for customers.

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Can I visit Yankee Stadium even if there is no game?

Around Yankee Stadium
Around Yankee Stadium

Yes, indeed! Yankee Stadium is an institution in New York City, so there are a number of ways to visit even if you're travelling to the city during the MLB off-season. Here are some tips on how to visit Yankee Stadium, but there are several tours that will take you around the stands and museum and the facility also has a Hard Rock Café where you can stop by for an all-American experience.

Is the Yankee Stadium area safe?

The answer is yes. The area where Yankee Stadium is located is safe and the atmosphere is very festive in the surrounding area, so you will be able to enjoy the event without any worries.

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What happens when there is no baseball season in New York?

Facade of Yankee Stadium
Facade of Yankee Stadium

After the World Series ends, for the next six months until the end of March, there are no baseball games in New York. However, if you want to attend a sporting event during your holiday in the city, I recommend other options: