Granada Alhambra and Generalife Guided Tour

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Duration: 2 hours
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A guided tour of the Alhambra and the Generalife in Granada is the best way to get to know this emblematic UNESCO World Heritage Site. An expert local guide will accompany you during the tour and you will be able to comfortably listen to his explanations through an earphone (included).

The guided walking tour lasts approximately 3 hours, during which time you will be able to discover the stories and legends of the site. It also includes a guaranteed queue-free service so that you can enter the site without waiting.

  • Let yourself be surprised on a guided tour of the Alhambra and the Generalife in Granada.
  • Get to know the citadel in depth with an expert guide.
  • Access the site at the moment of your arrival thanks to the guaranteed queue-free service.

What’s included

  • Guided walking tour of approximately 3 hours
  • Expert guide
  • Guaranteed queue-free service
  • Earphone to listen to the guide
  • Entrance to the Alhambra and the Generalife
  • Entrance to the Nasrid Palaces

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Step by Step

Discover one of Andalusia's top tourist attractions with this guided tour of the Alhambra and Generalife in Granada. You'll approach the only surviving palatine city from the Islamic era accompanied by an expert local guide who will tell you all about this heritage of Al-Andalus.

The tour is done in a group, on foot inside and outside the citadel, and lasts approximately 3 hours. You will have a small headset through which you will be able to listen to the guide comfortably so you won't miss any explanation while you explore the area.

The Alhambra is the best preserved palace from the reign of Al-Andalus in Spain. With this guided tour you will have the opportunity to enter it and be amazed by its most emblematic points:

  • The Alcazaba, the oldest part of the Alhambra, its wall.
  • The Palace of Charles V, the only Christian palace inside the Alhambra.
  • El Partal Palace
  • The Generalife and its gardens, the place where the Muslim kings used to rest.

In addition, the entrance ticket for the guided tour includes the guaranteed queue-free service. You will enter the site at the moment of your arrival, without waiting.


· 16299 Reviews
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    Very nice all round.
  • B
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    The visit was very good and much more interesting than I expected. The guide's explanations were all very good and he was always willing to answer our questions. Highly recommended for everyone.
  • F
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    Good tour, although I would have liked it to last longer.
  • A
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    The tour was very pleasant, although I expected a bit more of the place, I have to admit that I ended up getting several surprises when I listened to the guide telling some stories about the city. Highly recommended.
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